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    Billie enjoys the challenge of finding unique ways to present information and engage the target audience while maximising on and off-page optimisation. She loves working with such a supportive team and seeing results in real-time. Search Republic is a conglomerate of some of the best digital marketing minds and e-commerce practitioners in the country.

    It is interesting to note that the average daytime temperature in the UK is +13°C and the average nightly temperature is +9°C. The 20th April is the hottest day in April, with temperatures of around +41degC. It is interesting the average daytime temperature in the UK is +19 degrees Celsius, while the average nightly temperature in the UK is +11 degrees Celsius. The December hottest day is the 3rd December with a temperature of about +28degC. Outside of Search Republic, Tony enjoys social time with family and friends over a BBQ.

    Tony works with a range of clients, from car dismantlers to global travel suppliers. He enjoys understanding their industry and applying his expertise in Paid Media, Google, and Microsoft Search to help them reach their marketing and business goals. When she’s not at work, Natasha enjoys ‘just very normal, standard things’ like watching Netflix, reading a good book, catching up with friends, or going on walks. Natasha’s interest in digital marketing was sparked by her work in digital ad operations at a publisher. Adaptable and dependable, she strives to use her experience to build Google Ad campaigns that have client goals at the forefront. Natasha enjoys being involved in the entire process, seeing real results firsthand, from strategy to implementation, optimization, and ongoing changes.

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    Each month we will spotlight one area of marketing and give you one free resource to use in your day to day marketing. His strongest skills are in improving the performance of digital platforms, using Web Development, SEO, and Digital Marketing. He will examine your digital footprint and customer engagement, and help you to find ways to improve it through your website structure, offers, or integrated social campaigns & advertisements. This is the key and we are here to help you to open a door leading to consistent client flow.

    Competition Results Exciting For Rotorua Musician Hannah Seo

    The focus was primarily on strengthening the interior whilst leaving the exterior appearance untouched. For their rebuilding efforts, the Old Stone House won gold at New Zealand’s Commercial Project Awards. With flowing glass and smooth metal, Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna O Waiwhetu is one of Christchurch’s most celebrated buildings and venues. The pure contemporary beauty of it all is highlighted further by the Avon River.

    Most significant of all, perhaps, is the Traditional/Cardboard Cathedral. Shigeru Ban, a Japanese architect, was awarded the Pritzker Prize in recognition of his design for this building. It was designed as a symbol of Christchurch’s fortitude and innovation in light of harrowing times and is sure to give your event an atmosphere filled with the city’s charm.

    3 days before Rose Chapel’s 100th birthday, the building was damaged by the earthquake, its namesake, the stunning rose window, shattered. The restoration project was carried out over 2 years and with the help of, from reinstating fallen masonry to repairing the stained glass windows. They were also able to relocate the Regent’s staircase, giving Rose Chapel more history and character than ever before. As a venue, the Rose Chapel allows for exclusive hire for several events, be it a wedding, performance or meeting. Lawrence is a great friend and family man and loves to spend time with them. He also loves to stay active and has a passion for basketball which he enjoys due to his competitive nature.

    • From contemporary classic to plush and warm, there is no shortage of amazing venues throughout Auckland, equipped with experienced in-house teams and chic spaces for your private function.
    • Christmas, holidays and all those related celebrations at the tail end of the year are bright cheers to the victories you’ve shared with your coworkers.
    • Christchurch is a popular tourist destination in New Zealand.
    • These guys are the best for SEO and digital marketing.
    • It is interesting to note that the average daytime temperature in the UK is +13°C and the average nightly temperature is +9°C.

    Each of these venues offers a distinct atmosphere and seemingly endless menu options, so be sure to check them all out when making your decision! Established in the 1870s, Old Stone House is at the foot of the Cashmere Hills and is one of Christchurch’s landmark venues. Following the earthquake, the building underwent a 15-month long restoration process, costing an estimated $2 million. Renovations included a series of concrete beams in the walls, a steel structure beneath the slate roof, a steel core within the chimney and the replacement of stone lintels.

    We are very satisfied with the revenue growth they have helped us deliver, their responsiveness to our queries and their focus on continuous improvement of our SEO and SEM results. When he isn’t at work, Isreal enjoys reading, fishing, writing, eating, and learning. He places high importance on the values of fairness and honesty in all life contexts. Right ColumnCase Studies Read from New Zealand business owners about our tailored approach to increase leads and revenue online.

    She values her family and friends, and believes in supporting and helping others. She says the best thing about Search Republic is the ‘friendly team and supportive environment’. Karl began his digital marketing career in London, England in 2005. He eventually rose to the position of Head of PPC Marketing. He worked closely with household UK brands such HMV, John Lewis, Argos, and Boots.

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