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SEO is all about using a range of organic methods to send traffic to your website. Keywords will be pivotal when doing on-page SEO, but as you focus on the content, don’t forget to optimise the media on your website, including images and video, with keywords. Importantly, don’t limit the appeal of your content to search engines. As search algorithms become more sophisticated, the likes of Google are rewarding content that provides real value to site visitors. Our SEO copywriters are able to research and create content for a variety of industries, including automotive, manufacturing, and business services.

We’re more than happy to provide you with expert advice, and a consultation with us will only ever cost you your time. Get a free consultation with an expert in SEO for your business or corporation today. Call me to request an audit and let’s ensure that you are taken care of. Make sure you appear in their search results. Help them find you. You eventually help them solve their problem. If you are looking for some in Christchurch, then I’d love to help you.

Google Business Listing Optimisation

This is a popular “sell” by SEO companies from abroad. They may choose a low-volume keyword and trumpet their claims, even though the traffic is not that compelling. It will bring your brand to people’s attention who are interested in your products or services but have never heard of you. It will bring leads, without you having to knock on any doors by connecting people looking for your product or service, with your website. It is not essential for companies who have only two or three large customers. On-site SEO ensures that your website pages, titles and tags, as well as the content, are optimized for your target keywords. Access expert SEO services to guide and tune your web content to improve your position in search results.

Consistently creating high-quality relevant content is essential to growing website traffic and keeping your customers coming back. We get to know your customers, what interests them and what they are searching for, then we create the content that will keep them engaged. Working with Google Ads is not just about delivering quality traffic; we’ll also work with you to ensure you maximise your website’s conversion rate. Avatar is a certified Google Partner and has worked on campaigns in diverse industries.

Keyword Research & Strategy

We will review aspects such as accessibility, page loading speed, and mobile responsiveness. Our team has been able remove penalties from clients in a variety industries, including retail, real-estate, and manufacturing. We have also worked in challenging areas such as betting and healthcare. Our clients choose us because of our strong customer support, communication, and, most importantly, the results. I’ll evaluate your website and it’s current position, then put together my recommendations with additional options depending on your budget and what you want to achieve.

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