Review of Wooden Fence Companies in Auckland

Wooden fences feature an eye-catching traditional appearance that appeals to customers, while providing protection and privacy in gardens and containing large animals.

wooden fence company Auckland

If you’re planning a fencing project, we will delve into some wooden fence company Auckland reviews for your project.

Quality Fencing Auckland

Quality Fencing Auckland is a family-owned and operated fencing contractor providing professional repairs, installations and designs of wooden and steel fencing options, deck building and retaining walls utilizing quality materials at competitive rates – serving Auckland and its surrounding areas. They use quality materials and offer free quotes.

An investment fence provides privacy, security, and an attractive landscape. A quality fence can add significant value to your property; however, its proper upkeep must be ensured to ensure its long term survival; any signs of wear-and-tear should be addressed immediately in order to avoid costly repairs in the future.

New Zealand offers many styles of fences to meet various property needs, each offering distinct advantages and disadvantages. Wooden fencing, for instance, can be affordable, straightforward to install and repair, painted to match a property’s style and painted in different hues to complement its overall appearance. But they require annual maintenance as they may become warped and rotted over time.

Stone walls add a natural aesthetic to a property and can serve as the ideal complement to the landscaping of a home. Their cost varies based on type and size – for instance, Oamaru or Hinuera stone starts at approximately $70 per square meter for instance.

Fencing New Zealand

Fencing is a competitive sport involving swords that has long been part of Olympic competition, popularly played both as an individual event and team event. Popular among New Zealanders of all ages and abilities alike, fencing offers safe yet challenging entertainment that all ages and abilities can enjoy safely. Athletes learn fencing using various weapons including foils, epees, and sabres to learn fencing properly.

An athletic fencing bout takes place on an arena that is 14m long and 1.5-2m wide, where competitors vie against one another to score points by touching designated areas of their opponent with their blade. Each bout lasts three periods of three minutes each followed by a break of one minute; once an athlete reaches 15 points they are declared victorious.

An experienced fencing coach can educate their students about various forms of fencing as well as installation best practices to ensure strong and secure structures that will protect against animals or weather damage. Furthermore, fencing coaches provide invaluable help in developing skills they can apply in their careers.

Fences may be made of either wood or metal, but must be strong enough to withstand windy conditions and designed with the appropriate height and length specifications. Ideal fences fit seamlessly with their surroundings while being effective against animal entry into your property.

Auckland Gates

Auckland Gates provides stylish entrance gates made from aluminium, timber and louvres to give any property an impressive first impression while simultaneously providing privacy and durability. Their range of premium designs creates stylish first impressions while simultaneously protecting against theft.

This company offers residential and commercial gates, security screens, pool fencing and balustrades in both residential and commercial settings, along with services including consultation/design, installation/repair. Their offerings also include round, square and rectangular tubing as well as flat bars featuring mild steel hollow sections. Plus they provide specialist coatings to prevent corrosion caused by salty air or coastal soils!

They employ a team of qualified staff that can assist you in choosing and installing the ideal fence or gate for your needs, quickly and effortlessly. Services provided include free onsite quotes and site surveys to determine what would work best in terms of type, cost and installation timeframe; detailed cost breakdown of available options as well as competitive prices with 15 year guarantees on work done; they boast an outstanding track record with numerous awards won!


FenceMate Swift Clamp Drive-in Post Support Spike (750mm) is an epoxy coated steel post spike designed to enable easy erection of timber fence posts in hard ground without digging holes and mixing concrete. Utilizing an innovative clamping system that secures posts securely into sockets for long-term durability, its flush sides match vertical surfaces for an aesthetically pleasing professional finish – ideal for all types of fencing as well as car ports, gazebos, sheds and bird tables.

FenceMate, designed and manufactured in Britain, is an essential addition to any garden. Not only can it prevent fence panels from rattling in windy conditions, it can also prevent and even correct warping that develops over time on treated wood planks.

FenceMate stands apart from traditional concrete or wooden fence posts by being constructed of cold-rolled galvanised steel to withstand winds of up to 70mph and weigh 80% less. As it’s six times stronger and 80% lighter than concrete, installing it safely and quickly is much quicker; you can even use it to replace existing wooden or concrete posts for an excellent alternative solution. Also referred to as post mix or postcrete, FenceMate provides ready-to-use cement mix specifically tailored for anchoring fence posts firmly into the ground.

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