Playing the Hi Lo Card Stud Poker

The Hi Lo Card Stud poker is the same way as the normal stud and the biggest difference is that players have four suits to choose from instead of the usual three. There are more highest cards in the deck and this can give you a great advantage.In the beginning, the amount cut from the pot is far smaller and your chances of winning are smaller too. But as the game progresses, the stakes will grow and you can expect to come back to the site. You have to remember that the stakes are calculated according to the number of competitors, the more the number of players, the bigger the pots will be.

In the beginning, you shouldn’t play too many hands because at the end of the day there will be a winner and in order to bet they have to show the hand values. Therefore, in the beginning, you have to play with a limited number of hands.

When you bet, you have to remember that you have to be sure about the card values. Each card has a specific value assigned to it. Low cards will have values like 2, 3, 4, 5, and so on. But the cards like 7, 8, 9 which are considered as the low cards, have the value of 0. This is because the 7 and 8 are the most frequently dealt cards. When you are looking for a value, you have to remember that the most frequently dealt cards are the low value cards.

, the ace is considered the highest card in the hierarchy. The card numbered 2 is the highest card in the 3rd level. The ace is deemed the most important card because it can atop any other card in the deck.

In the 7th level, the cards are regarded as pairs. The value of the cards is the same as their location in the deck. The ace as the top card and thus, the highest card in the deck increases its value. After the 7th level, the cards are no more disconnected from the hands. This is to avoid cheating of one player from another. The face cards are also still the highest cards. The ace however is not as high as the other cards because it is still the lowest card.

At the 8th level, the cards are no more grouped. It is after the 8th level that you should start to have more than 2 cards that are face up. Most of the times, most of the cards will be grouped into two hands: high cards and low cards. The conditions for having more than 2 cards face up are: 1) the cards in the high level are from the same suit; 2) the cards dealt in the high level are consecutive; 3) the cards in the high level are all high cards.

In the 9th level, you will have a very hard time to estimating the odds of your cards to win. Majority of the cards, especially in the 10th level will be considered marginal hands. The value of all the cards, including the high cards will be placed in a single hand. The most difficult hand to beat is the “kipper” in which you will need to have 2 cards from the same suit in the same row. This is usually the case for the “row” hand. Even the best “row” hand will not beat the “kipper” for the high hand.

You will need to be very careful if you decide to enter the 10th level. Majority of the cards, especially in the 9th level will be considered marginal hands. The value of all the cards, including the high cards will be decreased to near zero. Almost all of the “old” hands will lose at this level, so make sure you have a big stack.

Another useful tip for the 10th level is to stay away from the first pack of cards. There are usually very many bad hands in the first pack. Almost all of the “pocket” cards are not that good, so you should stay away from them. You might want to try to ” nick “a card or two” or to skip the whole pack.

Remember that about half of the cards out there are playable. That means that you should make a combination of all the cards available. But you should be very careful and make only guesses. The best “good” call is to discard only 2 out of the available 11 cards. You can furthernel away from that if you have a really, really good hand.

Use your gut feeling. Observe the players around you and follow them. If you have a gut feeling that something is wrong, you should act on it.

You have to give everything a try before you put everything on the line. The best solution is to change your strategy if needs be. rethink your method, depending on the new information you have gathered. You can also find more about No Deposit Bonuses Casinos and other important information on the Internet.

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