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Research indicates that more than 80% of adults in New Zealand engage in kiwi casino gambling. This is so far the largest gambling percentage in the world. The fact that gambling is allowed by law in New Zealand has contributed to the high number of gamblers in the country. The ‘Interactive Gambling act’ allows the citizens of the country to take part in online gambling. Pokies is a form of gambling in New Zealand that is more popular in Darwin, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.

Pokies gambling is quite simply to run. After observing the most common button layouts, you are required to show the effect of each button to win. In online pokies, the RNG and the game logic are on a remote which connects one to the game. Transfer of keyed in information as well as feedback from the server is done through an encrypted set of numbers is then translated to the symbol positions on the display.

The buttons used in online gaming are different to those used in offline gaming (offline gaming buttons also differ from casino to casino).

Some of the online buttons that you may come across are:

Spin – The function of this button is to start the game at the present credit size and level.

Credit size – Facilitates the alteration of the credit size.

Max bet – Bet the highest amount of credits and starts a spin as well.

Credits per line – Regulates a number of credits per line.

Below are some of the advantages of pokies in New Zealand:

Have higher percentages of payouts compared to casinos and the high amounts of people indulging in it increase the chances of winning?

It gives much more control of the game to the player as compared to casinos. This can be achieved by altering settings such as wagering limits, deposit amount, sound, and speed among others.

Tips for starters

  • Choose the payout percentage wisely.
  • Check the highest possible win.
  • Scrutinize the secondary payout structure.
  • Find out the maximum betting amount.
  • Try out with free spins first.
  • Search for profitable bonus rounds.

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