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Bluelight is highly recommended to anyone who is looking for SEO, marketing, or web design services. A website is a powerful marketing tool that can generate leads, referrals, customers, and more calls for most businesses. Our experienced team is the key to success that handle any project impressively. Our professional experience allows us to achieve our professional goals quickly and without any obstacles. A landing page is a single web page that visitors “land” from a Google search, social media, or advertising.

  • Remarketing Increase your conversion rate and reach more customers with remarketing
  • A positive statement from an expert in your field will be more effective than one made by someone unfamiliar with your target industry.
  • We do this by analysing your competitors and coming up with a strategic game plan to make your website appear higher on the Google search engine.
  • All of our actions during the design process for landing pages will be focused on these goals. getting more sales through the landing page or generating more sales leads.
  • We will meet with clients in person throughout the Auckland Region.

No, we don’t use templates because we believe our creative imagination is our strongest suit. We are happy to help you with any web development work, we’ll even design, build and write a completely new site for you. Express kick-off of your online business presence in no time. You’re always kept in the loop with how your website design is coming along. You can also provide valuable input to help direct the process.

Why Should You Focus On Landing Pages

Being responsive in business today is a contemporary experience and it’s essential for your clients to be able to reach you at the click of a button. Your online store is a great way to meet customers. We use the most innovative web development platforms available to deliver mobile-friendly and user-friendly experiences.

Landing page designing auckland

There are very few scenarios that arise where we need to mix fluid and responsive techniques, which is sometimes referred to as a ‘Liquid Layout’. Let’s assume you need an article, and the sidebar column requires 100% of the browser’s width – but on mobile devices, the sidebar is set below the breakpoint of 500px. As you probably guessed, it can get pretty messy, pretty quickly.

Price can vary between a few hundred to a few thousand, depending on how much copy you need. The design will be modern in layout and hierarchy, which is easy to understand. While it is an important part, there are other vital parts.

Landing page designing auckland

Flyadriatic WordPress website FIyadriatic is a boutique travel agency in Auckland, New Zealand. We were asked to redesign their website, which was almost ten years old. We designed an elegant and sophisticated user interface using modren web technologies that resonates well with their branding. We don’t like the latest trends or edgy designs. Instead, we’ll create a website your customers will love today and in the future. (c)Copyright Web Digital is an online marketing and website design company with an office in Auckland, New Zealand.

Nick is very professional and the process was smooth and efficient from start to finish. Anyone looking to improve or build a site I highly recommend him. They not only revamped my website to ensure it was optimized for conversions and worked for me, but they also deliver tangible results. They have hit the goals we’ve established at the project start and we continue to grow and push the brand together. We are an eCommerce web design company that is rapidly growing. We provide 24×7 customer support.

An excellent website accomplishes the objectives for which it was created. A good website should also be easy to use, have a quick load time, be visually appealing, be mobile friendly, and provide a personalised user experience. With more than 20 years in the digital industry, we know how to design the perfect website for your business and how to put together a strategy that will help your business grow.

Have used blue light since lockdown and they have been very helpful in generating inbound leads for my company. For improved User Experience and Conversions, we have added page creation/landing page optimization. They are easy to use and compatible with the most popular platforms. View our latest website design revamp for Marinelogix featuring a streaming video on the landing page. When it comes to managing IT for your business, you need an expert.

  • Use our experience to help improve and provide the best customer service.
  • We will take your website and online advertising to the next level.
  • Outstanding digital agency that can answer all of our questions.
  • When you contact us for your website design project, we will take time to understand your product or services.

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