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    Google Analytics allows you to base your marketing decisions on solid data. You can see how many people have been brought to your site via an email campaign. You can use this information to tailor future emails if a particular email performs better than others. The application, hosted on Azure, won Microsoft NZ’s Innovative Software Product of the Year award in 2015, and they’re shortlisted again this year for the Microsoft NZ partner business application award. Many years ago, LexisNexis engaged our SEO service across multiple countries.

    Trackify focus on the best practice implementation of your marketing and analytics tags. Google Analytics collects a lot of data and demographic information. about your website visitors. The proof is in the pudding, so check out some of our data management success stories below. Talk to us about how we can help transform your business and make it data-driven. We are proud to be one of New Zealand’s top-rated Google Analytics Companies.

    Relevant Content Marketing Boosts Seo

    Our digital agency provides professional guidance to deliver helpful solutions to your potential customers. While our data specialists are monitoring your data constantly, your account manager will meet with you once a month to discuss your results and listen to any feedback you have on how we’re performing. Our in-house data presentation specialist helps account managers present your data in a user-friendly, actionable manner. It is possible to eliminate guesswork when it comes understanding users and making key marketing decision. You’ll be able to tap into detailed data sets and unlock fresh insights about who your converting users are, where they are coming from, and the specific campaign elements that led them to convert.

    We are located in Auckland and offer digital marketing, web design and web development, branding, and content marketing throughout NZ and Australia. Content marketing is not effective unless it is tailored for your goods/services as well as the currents in the digital ocean. Automation works closely with marketing analytics to track and interpret further efficiencies, and make adjustments as necessary. Vine Digital, one of New Zealand’s most respected data analytics companies, can help you make data-driven decisions that will fuel your business’ growth.

    Through various digital marketing platforms, you can target and reach your potential customers online. Online marketing is also data-driven, which means it can be measured and predicted. Data analytics were designed to help online advertising agencies achieve optimal results.

    Marketing analytics services auckland

    our clients continue to work with Vine Digital–leading data analysis agency New Zealand. Although you might be able guess the name, Data Insight, an analytics partner, is committed to helping businesses discover insights in their data. In addition to the creative services supplied by the original Little Giant team, Dentsu Group’s network and reach is enabling Isobar NZ to expand into the wider technology and digital marketing space. We do things differently at Squid, creating brands and experiences which evolve the way businesses are seen.

    Data analytics is used in every element of SEO; after launch and implementation, tools like Google Analytics track user movements, as well as the impact of changes to the search engines’ algorithms. Our online marketing agency can help maximize the time you have to capture your niche market. Audience and keyword research help us build websites that get found at the top of searches with teaser messages that get clicked, and web content that provides helpful solutions to your online users. As a leading data consulting and data management agency, we strive to build a strong relationship with all of our clients. We focus on measurable results , providing a return on your investment and building a positive partnership with you. But don’t take our word for it; click here to see why

    Marketing analytics services auckland

    This puts the onus on us to continue providing great work and results every month–a standard our digital marketing professionals are more than happy to meet. Every strategy is unique to a company and we consider many factors before quoting. All clients receive the same quality service; the number of services determines the final quote.

    Marketing analytics services auckland

    We will boost your plug-and play Google Analytics setup by configuring it to track bespoke metrics that directly relate to your business goals. You will be able track important interactions like video plays, downloads, sign-ups, as well as data such as leads and downloads. Or maybe you’ll find that most of your traffic comes to you from Google. If this is the case, you can invest more time and effort in promoting your business through search engines. You can make the most of your strengths by improving your SEO.

    Pop to the top and get found first with MARKETIZE digital marketing agency. Our range of professional marketing services can help you attract and engage more customers. We use time-tested best practices for design, messaging, web development, SEO and online marketing. Operating in the digital marketing space without data is like flying blind. This puts you at a disadvantage as you don’t get a full view.

    Marketing analytics services auckland

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