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We are a digital only goods seller and they have adapted to our market needs quickly with good communication. They take an interest in your company and come up with great marketing ideas. Our sales have increased in the short time that we have been working together. 100% trustworthy and love that they are NZ based and only a phone call away when you need them. We don’t just create a campaign and hope for the best either. We monitor your campaigns regularly and are always looking for ways to improve them so that your business and brand get the most out of this channel at the lowest possible cost.

No matter who your target customers are, there’s a good chance that a high percentage of them are active on the platforms services to gain more reach. Focus on a product or service that is popular, grab your audience’s attention, and prompt action. The static ad format allows you to create a piece of artwork that is instantly recognisable and speaks directly to the motivations of your target audience. We have been working with Sprocket since December on all of our online marketing and content across Facebook and Google.

Facebook Advertising In New Zealand: How To Get The Most From It

We are experts in what works and what doesn’t. We also know how to identify specific customer types so that you don’t waste your marketing budget. Facebook tracks online activity so it can determine which Facebook users might be interested in your products and services. Facebook Ads are highly customisable, so your campaign is tailored to reach the exact people you want it to. Rachel Klaver, a marketing strategist, specializes in lead generation and content marketing. Our reputation goes hand-in-hand with our team’s dedication to best practice.

Our social media-savvy team loves social media and is eager to help you grow your brand and business online. A few weeks back, I was working with a client to determine if her ads were worthwhile. She was spending several thousand per month on advertising and a management fee to an agent. Many businesses that invested heavily on their Facebook programs are now frustrated and have much lower organic reach. The advertising options provide the best way to more comprehensively reach followers and other target audiences. A good CPC for Facebook ads is $0.94, so expect to pay $940 to drive 1,000 visitors to your online store.

What Should I Promote On Facebook?

Dan and his team did an incredible job getting things moving. Ours is a different type of product to sell online being high value, low volume. We have had a massive increase in traffic and interest on Social Media as well as brochure Downloads, a key metric for us and our product. We will see if sales increase over time, but for now we are optimistic about the future of Sprocket digital.

  • Jo Murphy, The Ad Nomad is an expert on Facebook advertising and building online communities. I interviewed her in a recent episode of MAP IT Marketing.
  • Targeted Facebook ads can raise brand awareness among new audiences and renew interest for previous visitors to your website.
  • They are easy to work with and very knowledgeable.
  • If you are a result-focused marketer who needs an agency to get you results, try letting them run your campaign.

We are experts in this area so we have covered some of the most common questions and options for Facebook advertising. If you’ve got any specific questions, give us a call or contact us through email – we’d love to chat. Our SMM team can help keep you ahead of the competition by providing quick results through paid advertising. We will also ensure that you get a good return-on-investment by measuring results. Pixi is a professional and friendly company that we have dealt with. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for SEO work. So far all of my requests from Sprocket Digital have been handled very professionally and timely. I really enjoy the communication and the ease with which the team is approachable.

The greater your chance of winning an ad auction, the smaller and more relevant audience you have. Experimenting with these objectives, and being crystal clear on the outcome you want to achieve, impacts the cost of advertising on Facebook. The algorithm looks at ad quality and estimated action rates (how many people will take action–like, share, or comment–on the ad).

Our insider knowledge will best serve your business by delivering a highly informed Facebook Marketing campaign. The way ads are set up for e-commerce businesses is completely different to service-based businesses. Facebook advertising is ideal for small businesses wanting to drive relevant traffic to their website for the purpose of generating leads and sales enquiries.

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