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    It takes time and effort to monitor performance and produce regular content to ensure consistent engagement. Firefly Digital’s marketing experts are available to help you manage your Facebook marketing campaign. A well-planned strategy combined with efficient social media management will ensure that your Facebook ads have the best chance of success. An effective overall social media marketing strategy knows how to identify, target, and capture the attention of ideal consumer prospects for your business. Firefly Digital has access to some of NZ’s most advanced data sets because of our strong professional relationship to Facebook

    How can I get maximum leads from Facebook ads?

    Join Facebook Groups for Your Industry and Post Links to Your Website.

    Many of those businesses that invested heavily in their organic Facebook programs are now frustrated and struggling with much lower organic reach. The advertising options provide the best way to more comprehensively reach followers and other target audiences. 82% of mobile traffic is expected to be video by 2020. Tell your story beautifully in stream, feed, stories, or both. Reach your audience across various platforms with content that matches the ways they spend their time online. Focus in on a popular product or service, capture your audience’s attention and prompt action.

    Early results showed that the in-app lead ad format led to 619 times the amount of leads and a 74 percent lower cost per lead. The company also tested different images, finding that images that focused on the product performed better. A swift follow-up can significantly improve the chances of a conversion. A landmark study published in Harvard Business Review found that businesses that make contact with customers within an hour are seven times more likely to secure qualified leads.

    How can you make cold leads?

    Post content that capitalizes on current events in your industry

    After a potential customer leaves your website, keep your product or service in mind. Generate leads with ease and regularity with optimised audiences and ad placements on Facebook. Execute Google Shopping Ads and Google Search Ads in combination with social media retargeting. We implement strategies and make process changes such as ad account overhauls or landing page split testing to increase your conversion rates.

    To find auto enthusiasts and increase ticket sales, LA Auto Show created a lead ad campaign targeted to a lookalike audience similar to those who had already purchased tickets online. Pixi has done a great job of de-mystifying the world of SEO and AdWords for us. The team is easy-going and offers constructive advice. They are focused on ensuring that we get the most out of our digital marketing. We’ve seen a great increase in our website conversions since we started using Pixi’s services. They have the expertise and technology to create a cost-effective digital marketing campaign. I have recommended many of my clients to them, and they are all happy.

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