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Content is essential to a long-term strategy that engages a target audience with relevant information. Your customers expect a memorable experience. Content marketing can help them achieve that. However, you must first understand how people buy and then create stage. NZ Digital creates content marketing strategies that boost search engine results, social media and email marketing to create value for your audience. Flow has helped clients in NZ and abroad harness the power of content marketing. Producing high-quality content is a specialty of ours; we know how to create engaging content that will connect with your target audience.

And, of course, SEO is a must for any marketing content you plan on creating. If you want to create standout marketing content, it is essential that you have original, professional graphics. Paid ad content marketing is most effective when paired with inbound marketing.

Tangible Media creates and publishes Little Treasures on behalf of Asaleo Care – the parent company of Treasures nappies. Our experienced event team proudly collaborated with Citta Design and Fisher & Paykel to present this beautiful event. Research and content audit – what content do you already have and what are your competitors producing?

Content marketing is in essence about creating content of interest and value to your target audience and marketing it online in such a way that your audience will discover it. Your content will be discovered online, which will increase your brand’s visibility and help you acquire new customers. Content marketing is fast-paced and constantly changing, with new technologies emerging all of the time. We all grumble when we see online ads retargeting us with products we’ve been searching for.

The comic book industry is exploding today, but that’s not true for all the offline channels where brands used tell stories. It’s one thing to know what content marketing is, why it’s powerful, and even how to do it. It’s it’s quite another thing to actually know how to implement all of that information. If you’re a new business with a small audience, then you might need to give your audience growth a boost by running advertisements to some of your more remarkable content.

Interviewing people is a wasteful use of your time. John Lee Dumas, the host and founder of Entrepreneur on Fire, is the best example to point to. Most podcasts have a sponsor or advertise a product at the beginning and the end of the show.

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It all depends on where you are at the market. From a higher level, it is a process of identifying marketing goals and evaluating digital marketing tactics and the market around you to detail a plan that will align with your business’s strategic goals. Digital marketing, or online marketing, refers to all marketing activities that occur on the internet. Content marketing is rarely a standalone discipline, and we’ll build your strategy as a seamless component of your wider digital approach, to build your online presence and work with you to grow your business. It is crucial to develop content that is mobile-oriented in order to be successful in marketing strategies. Smart content marketers are always on the lookout for new opportunities. This means that blogs must be accessible on smartphones and that video content should be available for viewing on mobile devices.

Firefly has staff well versed in content marketing and can help with a content marketing strategy for your business. Some content marketing companies focus only on blogs however we have an agile approach to content marketing and can fit into whatever your requirements or goals look like. You can make real money if you create content with your customer in the forefront. Without a plan, putting pen to paper could be a big waste of time and money. We are a New Zealand-based content marketing agency that creates content strategies based on audience insights. This allows us to solve users’ problems and make sure they feel valued at all stages of the funnel.

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