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The design began in 1998 with Buchan Group leading the way, offering up a spectacular glazed facade. The gallery was transformed into the Emergency Operating Centre for earthquake recovery in 2011. Christchurch Art Gallery Te Puna O Waiwhetu is now over 100% compliant with the new building code, and one of the safest and most earthquake-resilient art galleries in the world. This venue houses 9 exhibition areas, an auditorium, reference library, auditorium and education workrooms. It also has shops, extensive collection storage, and a restaurant.

Megan studied a Professional Communication degree which focused on journalism, but included two weeks studying SEO – sparking her interest in digital marketing. After graduating in 2018, Megan joined Search Republic, where she now specialises in SEO and content editing. She enjoys the close-knit team she works with and the well-loved Kiwi businesses she works with, from major banks and national airline to travel companies to family-owned ecommerce brands. Bright cheers to the victories shared with coworkers at Christmas, holidays, and other related celebrations at the end of the year.

As an illustration of his SEO skills, ask him about the website he manages internationally, with 4+ million unique monthly visitors as organic traffic. Before joining the Max Marketing team in 2021 he worked with many clients worldwide and used to run his own digital agency in Russia. He has been an entrepreneur since 2006 and has a deep understanding of business processes for many business industries. Founded in 2004, the Audio Foundation was created to support, promote and preserve innovative audio culture (sound art/experimental music/noise/outsider music/drone music) in NZ. We were very grateful to Search Republic for referring us. In a world where every company bids for your Adwords and SEO dollars, they were refreshing.

We are a small to medium sized company operating in a very competitive space so needed visibility and assistance maximising our SEO. They spent a lot of time cleaning up and undoing the mistakes of another company and then they focused on moving us forward. Usually we’re not a fan of outsourcing work but it is hard to compete with the digital skills of SR. Brad, Karl, and Isaac are not just shareholders but they are also deeply involved with the work SR does. These guys are the best for SEO and digital marketing.

Her area of expertise is in search marketing, specifically Google Ads. Larysa loves the vibrant team culture. Her core values include loyalty, teamwork and great team environment. In her spare time, Larysa enjoys spending time with her friends and family, going to pilates and yoga classes, plus anything health and wellness related. Larysa has a passion for languages – speaking Ukrainian, Polish as well as English – plus she loves to play Taylor Swift songs on the guitar. In her spare time, Estelle likes to travel and has previously visited Australia, Fiji, America, Canada and various parts of New Zealand. She loves to be active but she also enjoys reading and watching good TV.

Since 2013, the New Zealand market share has been managed by the marketing team. The World Luxury Hotel 2016 and 2017 awards for Historical Hotels in the Australasia/Oceania region went to the opulent Christchurch hotel. Heritage Hotel Christchurch is based in A Palazzo in the style of the Italian High Renaissance Palazzo. It has been lovingly restored to its original charm but with a touch of modern luxury. The original design of the building was in 1909. It is currently listed on the Historic Places Trust Register as a category 1 structure. It was once known as the Old Government Building, opened in 1913 and converted into a hotel in 1995 to strengthen and converse the structure.

Auckland Jazz Fest: Sean’s Prawns, Phil Dryson, And Che Snails

We have the options for you. These venues are packed with all the audiovisual needs and assistance you could need, as well impeccable service and style. They make board meetings something to look forward too. Gala dinners signal for larger spaces, taking into account styling, theming and more. For intimate events, you will need to have more personal functions and cosier venues with a trendy edge.

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Lawrence likes to travel and has travelled to Japan, Fiji, and Singapore; he is planning to visit the States next. Search Republic’s best feature is the friendliness and vast knowledge of digital marketing that his colleagues have. He is excited to have the opportunity to learn from them as a new grad.

seo auckland pianov nz

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