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It is important to make your business professional and represent your business. This will increase trust and help you convert more leads. It’s more than just generating online revenue; a business’s digital image is crucial to its credibility in New Zealand. Studies show that 70% to 80% of people visit a company website before connecting with them. Your website is the best place to present your services and value to new clients. It is crucial for your digital marketing Auckland company.

How much does it cost to hire a digital marketer?

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They also offer remarketing services, so that you won’t squander opportunities with customers. Marketing Minds is also an approved Regional Business Partner Network service provider. Digital Analytics With analytics data, you’ll know in real-time how How your audience behaves, and where you should focus your marketing efforts. Content Marketing At the heart of any marketing campaign is a robust content marketing strategy that attracts, retains and drives results.

Ultimately the Marketing Minds team delivered on what they promised, and we achieved the outcome we were looking for. Whether you are exploring a new segment or entering a new market, considering a rebrand or wanting to develop a new brand, our clever thinking and strategies will ensure your success. From new product launches to brand architecture, We are senior marketers with a depth of experience across multiple industries including cross border and export markets. Now, aside from the affordability and diversity of its services, we also commend Solute Digital for being highly professional, friendly, and punctual with every job it takes on.

  • This allows us to confidently back our work and prove that we are not just another marketing agency.
  • We are fully transparent across our campaigns, and connect your company credit card to the account with the media publishers.
  • I had an initial meeting with the team they told me they would come back with a plan.
  • Their website has a ton of great resources and their newsletter is one of the few I find worth opening and actually reading.

They had really heard where I was coming from, my issues and where I wanted to take my business. They came up with a detailed and comprehensive plan. They went back to the foundations and created a practical and achievable marketing plan that would take my business from a transitional phase to the next. They offered me support options where I was most likely to need them and they gave me that. options to complete strategies that I could achieve.


We have been in the business for a while and are always up to date on Google’s developments. Some agencies will charge a percentage, others will charge a fixed price, some will markup spend, while others will use performance-based pricing. We work across multiple platforms, that we have tested over the years to ensure they drive performance and business outcomes for our clients. All brands are under the 4Seasons umbrella. We work together to drive profitable digital media campaigns. Generating high demand and growth through social media selling affordable homes. We have worked with 700+ companies across multiple countries, generating in excess of 400 million worth of leads for our customers.

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Organic social media marketing is a strategy, especially easy for New Zealand businesses to nurture that can connect you to prospects for free or at least with the aid of competition or two. Users can share your content and follow you on social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin or TikTok. These platforms are most popular in New Zealand. This will allow you to build an audience that is interested in your product/service, which you can then market directly for free. In New Zealand, popular digital channels include social media marketing, email, search engine paid advertising like Google Ads , organic search, and so on. These days, wherever there is an online reader, there is a way to get your message to your potential customer. Whether you do it yourself or employ a digital marketing agency, your marketing strategy is the most important place to start.

Digital marketing has the advantage of helping you survive today’s ratrace. The online world gave birth to many online businesses that solely depend on digital mediums. And then come the brick-and-mortar shops that have established an online presence for themselves. Niche targeting means reaching out only to those people who fit your criteria. You can filter your audience based on the characteristics that are most relevant to your target audience when you advertise on digital platforms. Then, you can run ads. Consequently, this has given a boost to the scope of digital marketing careers.

Our team is skilled in developing solutions that not only meet but exceed today’s strict standards. You can be sure that your project will and generate a positive ROI, thanks to our thorough QA process. Utilise our managed services for day-to-day digital value add, ensuring your digital remains engaging, vibrant and available – this includes support, hosting, monitoring, analytics & maintenance. Utilise our expertise to help you collect the data that matters, analyse and report on the performance of your digital assets and campaigns, then make informed improvements to optimise your next move.

  • Since starting with Firefly, this year, they’ve been very collaborative and transparent with the work they’re doing for us and their communication has been excellent .
  • These customers are highly valued and can be retained by sending them personalized messages about sales, discounts, and coupon codes.
  • To find out more, book a 30-minute strategy session with one of our local teams.
  • High-growth companies detailed in the CPA survey were more likely to seek professional help compared to the 23% of all businesses that did not grow and did not seek advice.
  • They’re really passionate about helping clients create and implement marketing plans that get results.

Also, the amount of data collected by large companies is tremendous, and if sorted correctly and put to use, it acts as a benefitting factor in targeting your customers correctly. Digital marketing is essential to ensure healthy competition among all of them. It is no longer an added benefit, it is an important element of survival. Winning a customer’s loyalty is the ultimate win for a company. Email Marketing is the best form of personalized marketing which lets you formally communicate with your customers but with a personalized message. You can use niche marketing to send personalized messages to similar audiences, increasing your chances of them becoming consumers.

Attend this 45-minute Free Masterclass on Digital Marketing Basics by Mr. Karan Shah, Founder & CEO of IIDE, before you delve into the benefits of digital marketing. In the last tip, we mentioned doing free jobs. We cannot stress enough how important it’s to do any job that will give you the experience needed to land your first job in digital marketing. You can take on jobs that aren’t paid or that other digital marketers would not like to do. Demonstrate your ability to take on and make the most of any project and be successful in all aspects of your endeavors.

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